Why don’t companies just headhunt new employees themselves?

Our partner Mia has an interesting input to that debate: “There are many companies where in-house recruitment works excellently. Here you can have a general discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. However, there are some elements that I find unique about using an external recruitment agency, regardless of whether the company is outsourcing or not:


  1. The specialized IT world is small. An IT profile may fear that if he / she sends an application to a company, there is a risk that the current employer will hear about it. That fear may cause the candidate not to actively apply for another job.


  1. It may seem obligatory to submit a resume or to simply enter a dialogue about a position with a company. Many candidates want more data about the position before deciding if they are interested. They can discreetly get this data from me.


  1. I find that candidates ask me unfiltered questions that they probably would not ask a potential new manager. It provides an honest and valuable dialogue where any prejudices can be dismissed.


  1. I spend 100% of my working hours being a professional headhunter in the IT industry. That fact, along with my expertise, provides me with a constant notion of what exactly is going on in my field.”


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