CSR profil

CSR – Our responsibility 

At Recruit IT, we pay special attention to our social and environmental responsibilities in our business activities. We value our relationships and treat everyone equally – both employees, clients, and candidates, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, and background. We contribute to multiplicity and diversity – also in the labor market.

We strive to contribute directly to our CSR profile by changing what we can to make a difference. For example, we do this by contributing to a diverse labor market that can accommodate and realize everyone’s competencies and abilities. In relation to this, we demand accountability from our employees, candidates, and clients.

We believe that the labor market should be characterized as both motivating and meaningful for everyone and that employees must be able to realize their potential and continue to develop their competencies in the position they hold.

Of course, our business is based on decency, where we do not tolerate bribery and corruption. In relation to the environment and climate, we continuously launch initiatives to reduce our environmental and climate position in our everyday work life. We work determinedly to reduce our CO2 emissions. We often use video conferencing as an alternative, and if possible, we use carpooling and use public transport. We avoid unnecessary printing and reduce our energy consumption by using new technology.


Stop Papirspild mærket


Danish Cancer Society aims to unite the Danish population in a strong, active effort against cancer. The goal, to find a cure for cancer, is difficult to reach, but that is nonetheless the goal that TV2 and the Danish Cancer Society have. Cancer is a common cause that requires a joint effort, so we unite and fight together.

Danish Cancer Society is a wholeheartedly action, where we hope for new ways and methods to find a cure for cancer. It is the largest fundraiser against cancer in Denmark, where we stand together; citizens and companies, in the attempt to find a cure. At Recruit IT, we support the Danish Cancer Society every year.

We do this because cancer is a serious and widespread disease that we must fight together. We know very well that we alone cannot reach the goal to cure cancer – but with our contribution, perhaps we can make a difference for just one person – and that would mean the world to us!