Test & Analysis

– With our test solutions you can get to know people in a short time

Why use personality analysis?

“Unpleasant truths are always better than pleasant illusions…”

A personality test provides an immediate offhand picture of how the person functions in different work situations. Recruit IT uses Master Person Analysis (MPA) in when testing candidates. Master Person Analysis (MPA) is an accurate interview guide, where you, from the beginning, can concentrate on what will be important to succeed in the job. MPA is one of the market’s best and most widely used testing tools, and we use it in when recruiting or assessing an employee’s personality and behavior at work.

MPA is built around a Person Profile and a Job Profile. MPA is used in relation to the recruitment, analysis, and development of individuals, such as employees, or managers at all levels. MPA is also used for team analysis, team composition, analysis of small or large autonomous groups, entire departments, or organizations.

The test result: By comparing Person Profile and Job Profile during an in depth structured interview, a clear picture is obtained of how the candidate fits the job. At the same time, it is clarified which areas the company must be aware of, to be able to support the person in the introduction phase as well as in the further development. In a candidate evaluation, a Person Profile can easily stand alone as the company itself in the first phase has prepared a job profile / job description.

Feedback: The company and the candidate will receive a detailed feedback immediately after the candidate has completed the test.

Why use a potential test?

“Because we want a staff with potential and continuous learning”

Today, most jobs are dynamic and flexible. Companies rarely find, or rarely seek, candidates with knowledge and experience that already cover every corner of a job’s current and future to-do list. Instead, companies want people with potential – people who, through continuous learning and reasoning, develop their competencies, add business value, and bring their position to new heights. Before hiring or considering further professional development of an employee, it is often an advantage to measure potential in relation to the job. Therefore, we often use the ACE cognitive test as an ability test for screening, professional development and education.

Look ahead and maximize the validity of your selections. With ACE, we can ensure a reliable match between job complexity and employee potential. In addition, we can quickly assess a person’s cognitive ability to reason and to generate learning in new situations and through formal education. The accompanying knowledge opens the doors to a wide range of business gains. We can therefore help to ensure that our clients recruit the right people, thereby predicting results and job success, planning appropriate employee training and optimizing talent and career development.

OPTO – match job and candidate

“OPTO – Do you trust your intuition or data?”

  • Increase the chance of recruiting a high-performer and reduce mis-recruitments
  • Save time and money by focusing on performance in a flexible recruitment process
  • Give the candidate a professional experience and strengthen your employer brand.

When working with data-driven tests in a recruitment process, you minimize bias and can quickly and easily match a candidate with the job. With OPTO, you get an efficient and flexible data-driven process that supports the company’s performance and increases the ability to recruit a high-performer. OPTO combines in-depth theory and the latest knowledge of behavior and performance with simple and useful reports that enable the decision maker to make objective decisions. This makes the test easy to bring into play in a busy day. OPTO can be scaled so you have the option to choose how much you want to go in depth with the personality. With job criteria and the simple reports, you can quickly and easily assess the extent to which the candidate matches the job.

Strengthen your employer brand
The candidates’ experience of the overall recruitment process plays a crucial role for your employer brand. With OPTO, you ensure that all candidates get through a modern setup and have a good experience with a thorough and professional process.