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If you want to apply for a position, you can gather more information in each job post. We treat all applications with confidentiality and your name and resume will not be passed on to our client without your consent and accept.

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It is important for us as a recruitment company to ensure a qualitative and ambitious service, where we will always be available for both sparring and discussing with both our clients and the candidates. Discretion and confidentiality are essential values ​​when a task is to be solved.

We always work very closely with the individual candidate and create important relationships and trust. By working closely and by having an open communication, it makes it easier to work towards a common goal.

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We have online job posting on our webpage, LinkedIn and Facebook, but we actually also recruit a great deal of positions that are not always advertised. Therefore, we would recommend that you register in our subject bank, so we can contact you if we believe a match has appeared.

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Be one step ahead of the job interview

There are certain questions that you will encounter again and again in your job interviews. Therefore, you might as well be prepared and thorough beforehand.

If you come in well prepared for a job interview, you will seem more confident, which naturally improves your chances of getting the job. Here is seven tips on how to answer the typical questions.

It is important that you are sincerely interested in the company. Show that you have read up on them and what they stand for, and that you already know a lot about your potential employer. It is important for the company to feel that they too have been carefully selected by you, instead of just being a place to which you have sent an application to get your unemployment benefits. Make sure to keep eye contact throughout the conversation.

This is a typical opening question that the interviewer asks so that he or she is able to get an overall impression of you and how you present yourself. Be personal, but not too private. And please make sure that you do not just repeat what you have already written in your resume – the interviewer has already read that. You need to be able to talk about yourself in two to three minutes.

Instead of embarrassing yourself or sweeping your weaknesses deep under the rug, you should see them as your development potential – the places where you can improve. Always talk less about your negative sides than about the positive ones and show that you are willing to improve and learn more about yourself and others.

Here, you really need to think about your answer. Before the interview, you should select three positive main characteristics of yourself and focus on them. If you are unsure what your strengths are, ask your friends, family, and any colleagues, and ask them to describe you in a few words. Be humble but stand firm.

Salary can be a sensitive topic for a job interview. You should preferably avoid making specific salary demands before you have had the opportunity to ask more questions about the work tasks, number of hours, terms, and conditions for the position. When you know more, you can sell yourself a little better without feeling greedy.

It is good if you show that you have thought about your future and that you have already begun to formulate a vision or plan. Finally, say that you can easily imagine a long-term development in the company, so they want to invest in you and your skills.

The interviewer requires a thoughtful answer as to why they should hire just you if there are multiple applicants. Here it is important that you appear as someone who knows who you are and what you can provide for the company. Show will and passion. Many are afraid to sell themselves, so practice in front of the mirror or friends, and show them the best version of you.

If you are up for more preparation, you can review the great guide to the whole shebang regarding preparing for a job interview here: Preparing for a job interview

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Many positions are filled without advertising

A lot of positions are filled without advertising. Below you have the opportunity to submit your CV, after which it will be available to our consultants to see if your resume matches a current position, in both permanent positions and freelance assignments.

Your information is kept in absolute confidentiality and no personal information – including name, address, e-mail, telephone number and the name of your current and previous jobs, is passed on to our clients without your consent. Only employees at Recruit IT have access to the CV database.

If you have significant changes to your data and your CV, or you want to delete your CV, you can contact us, or simply submit a new one for registration.