So, why chose Recruit IT to hire for your Company?

– there are several good reasons for this

Attracting candidates

The attraction of the best candidates – and to a large extent the passively interested ones – can be very valuable for a company. Finding the ultimate best candidate requires insight and experience from the IT industry. Our close relationships with the IT industry mean that we make a difference for our clients on a daily basis.


Comprehensive search

At Recruit IT, we work with a systematic and comprehensive search of the market for candidates, who are already working. A passive candidate is not actively looking for a new job opportunity, but can be motivated if it is the right step in his or her career. Recruit IT recruits IT competencies and specializes in finding the right specialist within the field – and we do this in the short amount of time, which the hiring manager and our consultant agrees on.



As a focused IT recruitment company and IT headhunters, we know a lot about our clients’ IT-relevant business – both in sales, management, development, and operations. IT recruitment is a special discipline that we are really good at performing in.

Relevant background

We are deeply committed and professional IT headhunters, who have many years of relevant IT experience. With our strong competencies and a large relevant personal network, we can guarantee to find exactly the IT employee who, with the right values, qualities, and intelligence, can create value in your company.


Professional process

When recruiting IT resources, a collaboration with Recruit IT will give your company a professional recruitment process with both advice and sparring from experienced and committed consultants. We use well-known and proven tools that ensure that the right candidate is hired and retained.


Experienced specialists

We recruit all IT resources to our clients and always have relevant references. We would be happy to visit you and tell you about the benefits of active headhunting – there are many. Recruitment within the IT industry should be performed by specialists – and that is exactly what we at Recruit IT are!

To sum up

By hiring us you will get:

Experienced consultants with +10 years of experience in recruitment and IT

Relevant sparring partners with in-depth industry knowledge

Guarantee on all tasks

Extremely competitive prices

We keep our promises – always!

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“But can’t you just recruit through your network?” Yes… sometimes!

But it never replaces a competent recruitment process. A bad hire can often be disastrous for a company and therefore a recruitment must be done a proper manner.

They are so important to the company that you MUST find the best and safest match in the field. Your business saves both time and resources and at the same time, you will get the best viable resource on the task. Namely the Specialist!

The whole package

We handle the entire process from preparation of company- and job profile to advertising, selection of candidates, initial interviews and up to the final presentation.

Through our own network, subject bank, targeted advertising, and effective search processes, we ensure that your company recruits the right IT employee at the agreed time.

At Recruit IT, we are specialists who recruit specialists – nothing more, nothing less!

The employee

Of course, there are many options with advertising, networks, CV databases, etc., but often you only hit those who may be actively seeking for a job. At Recruit IT, we want all the relevant candidates in sight!

It is therefore more relevant now than ever that companies get the help they need to find the best qualified employee. By using a headhunter / recruitment company, a great deal of the initial maneuvers is avoided, and a goal oriented focus is set on finding the right competence that you need.


A good headhunter is always updated within his field of competence, so that searches can be made at relevant companies and networks for the current job. A good headhunter also has an extensive network, which of course should be industry relevant.

By using Recruit IT to recruit your next IT employee, you will save valuable time for screening irrelevant applicants, and you get access to all available resources – and not just the active job seekers.

Our delivery

– Which of course is always adapted to the specific task

Phase 1



  • Company and vision
  • Organization
  • Scheduling and success criteria

Person profile

  • Interviews with relevant people in the company
  • Personal profiling

Job profile / description

  • Preparation on the basis of the above process
  • Dialogue and sparring


  • Recruitment strategy
  • Person profile and job description

Phase 2



  • LinkedIn and other databases
  • Networks and companies
  • Subject bank


  • Initially via telephone / Skype
  • Personal interview
  • Presentation to client

2nd interview

  • In-depth interview based on 1st interview
  • Tests and references


  • Longlist / shortlist
  • Person analysis
  • Presentation material
  • Presentation meetings

Phase 3



  • Selection of candidate for agreement negotiation
  • Sparring for agreement negotiations
  • Recapitulation


  • Oral and written refusals
  • Collection of input from client and candidate (s)

Follow up

  • On candidate after 3 and 6 months.
  • On the hiring manager after 1, 3 and 6 months.


  • Candidate ready for signature
  • Rejection to other candidates
  • Evaluation meeting
  • Follow-up during the warranty period