Terms of use

Recruit IT is registered at and approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency. We comply with all requirements in accordance with GDPR and have secured the necessary agreements with our data providers.

This means that our handling of candidates’ information is approved and consistent. When a candidate applies an advertised position, or when admitting ones resume to our subject bank, the candidate gives his or her consent for Recruit IT to process the personal data in accordance with the stated purposes.

Information may be passed on to clients and others, but never without the candidate’s consent. The data is provided voluntarily, and information has been provided about rights according to the “Law about the processing of personal data §5.’” www.datatilsynet.dk.


Recruit IT collects and processes personal information to the extent necessary for:

(1) to establish and maintain an employment relationship or a staffing / placement relationship, (2) to assess suitability for a position or task, as well as to inform about relevant opportunities, to offer teaching opportunities and services in connection with career changes, and to arrange employment or tasks for candidates, (3) the implementation of our overall supplier relationships, on-site management services and outsourcing agreements; (4) purposes relating to personal improvement, selection and evaluation; (5) to administer professional risk, decision and defense in connection with legal claims and proceedings, compliance with court orders and other legal obligations and legal requirements. 

We only collect and process sensitive personal information [www.datatilsynet.dk] with the consent of candidates or in situations, where we have to comply with legal obligations. The personal information provided to Recruit IT can be passed on to all units in Recruit IT’s organization, including suppliers working on our behalf, providers who may be involved in candidate selection, to clients, both at home and abroad, and where we are otherwise obliged to do this, e.g., due to a court order. Personal data may be transferred to countries outside Europe, including countries that do not have similar personal data legislation. In each case, Recruit IT has taken steps to ensure that all transferred information is processed with the necessary security and in accordance with the legal conditions. If a candidate wants full insight into stored material, or wants all information deleted, this can be done by contacting Recruit IT. Candidates always have the right to update their personal information in accordance with the “Personal Data Processing Act, §5, subsection 4” [www.datatilsynet.dk]. Regarding access, updating and questions, you are more than welcome to send us an e-mail.

Data processing

To the extent that Recruit IT processes data, where the client is data responsible, Recruit IT only acts in accordance with instructions from the client. Recruit IT must take the necessary technical and organizational security measures against information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost, or degraded, and against it being shared with unauthorized persons, being misused or otherwise processed in violation of the Personal Data Processing Act. Recruit IT must, at the client’s request, provide the client with sufficient information to ensure that the mentioned technical and organizational security measures have been taken. All our approved data processors and agreements can be stated by contacting Recruit IT. We use the following data providers in connection with storage and handling of our data: Microsoft, Master Denmark, HR-ON and LinkedIn.