Why do you run from your job?


Our Partner Johni has been to a seminar where the results of 36,000 employees’ job changes were mapped. Many Danish companies have challenges in attracting the right people, and after they succeed in attracting the employees, they of course would like for them to stay put. Here are 4 surprising reasons to why people leave their job:


  1. “People leave unchallenging work, not a challenging workload”

Ask yourself, what does your company do to attract and maintain talented employees? It is so important that the individual employee has challenging tasks and that they at the same time can see a personal development in the job.

  1. “People leave when they don’t see a path for personal development”

It doesn’t matter if you have been in a position for 2 years or 10 years; when there is no longer development, often or not it is a sign of divestment. Do you have a plan for your employees?

  1. People leave when they cannot discuss pay, not because they feel under-rewarded ”

Denmark has a culture of not talking about salary. Most people know that there is a difference in new graduates, competencies, and experiences, etc. To say these factors out loud is more important than the actual number on that pay slip.

  1. “People leave managers, not colleagues, culture or the company”

It is in human nature to follow good leaders. And that starts with the immediate leader.


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