Think about your headline on LinkedIn – that’s your first impression

We have gradually given this advice many times: do not write “searching for a job” or “looking for a job in…” or “open to new opportunities” as a headline on your LinkedIn profile. We also don’t recommend that you only write your educational title. Why?

  1. Headhunters and HR consultants usually search for specific titles, keywords, or competences you possess. Therefore, you are much more likely to show up on the site, if you instead indicate the job titles you could see yourself in or the skills you possess.
    Think about which keywords you easily can come up with.  


  1. In my experience, some people tend to scroll past profiles that have “Looking for a job” as their headline. It doesn’t seem very inspiring and doesn’t give you the feeling, that you want to examine the profile further, as it doesn’t describe anything about your skills.


  1. If you just graduated and may only have your education as your starting point, use words that say something about the competences and skills you have acquired, as your educational title doesn’t say much about that. For example, you can use words as research, screening, recruitment, employee development, personality tests, interviews and so on, if you are applying for a job as an HR consultant or something similar. 


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