Review of resumes – a friendly reminder

When reviewing potential employees, some hiring managers feel that they should look for topics, events, periodic gaps, and other issues when reading their resumes. However, Claus Porse, one of our partners, finds this issue to be both problematic and frustrating. Rather than focusing on the “holes in the cheese”, the hiring manager should focus on the opportunities, experiences, and resources a person can potentially bring to the workplace. There can be many ways to achieve certain competencies, and by not recognizing these potential opportunities, but instead focusing solely on a specific set of values or another desired outcome, the hiring manager loses perspective by getting a different (new) dynamic perspective into his or her team. As a headhunter, occasionally, I experience managers, who are very determined on how “the right employee” should be. In fact, these managers are often too “obsessed” with finding that perfect candidate, that I can have my doubts to whether they truly are competent as leaders! As a hiring manager, I think it must be your role to show the person, who expresses a desire to work for you, a basic respect, and a desire to want to learn something about that person too, rather than just feeding your own prejudices.


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