Location – Location… is, as we already know, crucial for real estate pricing. Network – Network… We also believe that many of us, here on LinkedIn, know that networking is crucial for us, as we continually become wiser about other people’s careers, successes (maybe even failures ?!) and often help someone with some good advices, etc. But one’s network is a crucial factor when it comes to jobs changing. And especially in the IT world. There are studies that show that up to 75% of all positions are filled via networks. That study does not apply to all job categories, but for positions at C-level, VP-level and middle management (including PMs, POs, and IT architects). We, here at Recruit IT, have no doubt that Network plays a major part in job hirings – at least 75%, maybe even more. In the past 3-4 months, we have talked to more than 50 senior profiles, who, in various contexts (primarily related to Corona (!)), are looking for a new job. We do not have an exact figure, but approximately more than half of these senior profiles tell us different variants of the same story. All within the theme of: “I wish I had worked a little more with my network”. So, NETWORK – NETWORK – NETWORK – And if you are in doubt about how you will go about it, be honest and ask your network “how do you / I?” – Network looooves to give good advice 😊


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