Holiday time = career ideas

When we are on holiday, “we pull the plug”. Some check their emails and answer work calls, while other just completely relax. However, we often think about the start-up when the holiday ends and you must go back to work. As an employee, you can reconsider your job situation, and ask yourself: Are you looking forward to getting back to work? Or did the holiday time create some reflections about where you are in your carrier, and where you want to be? Do you want something else to happen? Was the latest project as exciting as you expected? Is your carrier on the right track? Autumn and winter are getting closer, and as a hiring manager you must consider when to start the recruitment process, if you need a new employee within the next few months. Most people start to work again during August, and by September almost everyone is back on track at work. Therefore, depending on the process time for the employment interview, feedback, decisions and so on, the new employee may not be ready for an agreement until September, or in worst case scenario, by October, and therefore he/she will not be able to start their new role before we reach December 1st. As an employee and hiring manager, you have to think ahead and be ready to act. 


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