“Headhunters only think about getting the position filled”

This week, our headhunter, Claus, has been trying to dismiss the myth that “headhunters only think about getting the position filled.” Occasionally, in our daily lives as headhunters, we encounter the myth that we as headhunters are only interested in getting the position filled. In that statement, it is implicit that we don’t care whether the position is filled with the right person – or what we call “the right match”. And there is also an agreed notion “that as long as we can raise our fees, we don’t care about the background details”… We would like to clear the air and make a statement to this! As a headhunter, there is no greater human satisfaction than when “the right match” has been identified! That match and the satisfaction hereof carries the salary in itself. Okay, perhaps it is a bit of a strong a statement, but this truly is what we breathe and live for in our industry. And with a good sense of the industry-feeling, knowledge and good colleagues in the industry, it is our clear view that the main reason for choosing a career as a headhunter is indeed about the human interaction and the very concrete result when “the right match” is found. In addition to the human aspect, there is also a very concrete perspective, which is about us headhunters having to deliver our work, free of charge, once again, if the match turns out not to be the right one. This aspect just helps us even more to keep our eyes on the prize – here, being able to find the right match, rather than just “… getting the position filled”.


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