”Anyone can become a headhunter”

In the upcoming weeks, we at Recruit IT will try to put down 3 myths that are widespread within our profession. In the first short post below, our headhunter, Mia Grodt, will discuss the myth that “Anyone can become a headhunter”. Yes. To headhunt can be exercised without authorization and can even in the strict sense not even be described as a profession. That is perhaps the reason for the variating quality of the market of headhunters. Roughly speaking, one might think you only have to turn on the computer as a headhunter. I am of a different opinion. However, without taking a position on specific educational background as a premise for success as a headhunter. I have an administrative educational background. I went to a university, where I worked with heavy statistics, abstract theoretical analyses and the curriculum that can bewilder the best reader. It would be wrong for me to say that I don’t use my acquired competences from the university. I do, and probably more that I notice myself. These competences combined with my work experience have given me a solid base of references. However, I find that my greatest strength as a headhunter must be found in the ability to understand and translate the company’s culture, business and needs into meaningful elements for potential candidates. It may sound intangible, but the focal points are immersion, humility, integrity, and a sharp focus. I believe that whatever tools we carry in our toolbox, we must make a damn effort, because at the end of the road, you usually get what you have been working for. 

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