AI and Recruitment part 3 of 3: How Should We Relate to AI ‘s Future in the Recruitment Industry?

This is the last part about artificial intelligence (AI) and the recruitment industry written by one of our headhunters. Whether the scenario with Job Robot – from the previous article – is a realistic scenario in the nearest future is widely discussed amongst tech skeptics and optimists; however, it is hard to deny that the development does in fact contains some dilemmas. If we get to the point where robots will oversee the interviews with the candidates, it will be difficult for the candidate to get an impression of the company if it is represented with a robot’s presence. In the future, robots will possess features that allow them to see through humans and enter a deeper relationship with us. This means that the deeper mechanisms, that we until now thought were exclusive to humans, such as empathy, could eventually characterize a robot. The distribution of power in a conversation, and the recruitment process in general, will therefore be very different. The dynamic exchange of words that we have today will largely be avoided since we cannot outrun the fact that robots will never have det same emotions as human beings. We hope that these articles have awakened your thoughtfulness to some of the issues that we, in the recruitment industry, may face when AI make its appearance. You can always ask yourself if you would dare to hire someone – based solely on the facts that AI systems have found about them online, and whether you have confidence in the robot to handle the employment interview. 

As headhunters at Recruit IT, we think a lot about how the future will look like in terms of AI and recruitment. We welcome everything that technology enables today, but at the same time, we also look at the development with some astonishment. We are facing a complex future, where both robot and human responsibilities will complement each other and overlap. As headhunters, we see great joy in watching an employee flourish in a new position and to see the company reach new heights through the recruitment of the right candidate. It’s hard to imagine that a robot will feel a similar enthusiasm.

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