A fast and efficient recruitment process is essential to get the IT specialist

Even if you hired an external partner to conduct the recruitment, you as a decision maker must remember your own role. For example, it is essential to have set aside time in the calendar to meet the profiles that the external partner finds. It is also important to act fast. As an external recruitment partner, we often find that candidates don’t find a long “recruiting process” attractive. In the meantime, if the candidate is offered another good and suitable job they will say yes – even though you had the impression that the candidate wanted to work for you and your company. In other words, patience from the it-specialists is not always great. It-specialists, who are open to new opportunities, are usually in dialogue with several headhunters/companies, and ultimately a fast and efficient process can be crucial to the choice of the new employer. When we begin a new recruitment process, we always ask the hiring manager to set aside time in the calendar. If possible, we ask that the calendar is booked on that time we expect to present the first candidate. It may seem tempting to cancel meetings 1-2 weeks ahead if you don’t know exactly who you are going to meet. Nonetheless, the need for a fast process is much more attractive for the candidates, rather than having to wait several days, sometimes several weeks after presenting them. Then the bird has already flown on to next warm nest.

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