AWS Cloud Consultant for Oblivion

About the role

Our costumer Oblivion is looking for AWS Cloud Consultants.

As an AWS cloud consultant at Oblivion you are the trusted advisor for Oblivion's clients. You will help design the best AWS Cloud solutions for their business needs and turn it into a flexible, scalable, and secure cloud architecture and/or cloud native application. You will build the bridge between business and technology, both for clients and internal product development.

Oblivion is today the biggest AWS-only partner in Benelux – and were appointed AWS Consulting Partner of the Year 2021 – and AWS (MAP) Migration Partner of the Year – Benelux. Their strategy is to always be respected as the authority within AWS technologies, and are now in the process of building their presence in Denmark and the other Nordic countries.

Being an AWS Premier partner means Oblivion always stay ahead of their “partner-colleagues” with regards to studying the latest AWS features and applying them to real life client cases. To maintain their AWS partner status Oblivion need to make sure that continuous learning and knowledge sharing are an integrated part of your daily work, not just an afterthought. Further Oblivion – as a part of the Xebia group, is the main center of AWS knowledge within the whole Xebia group which means that they are increasingly involved in AWS projects, globally.

Oblivion will make sure you are always working on at least two simultaneous projects, for different clients. This way Oblivion can guarantee that you have plenty of variation in your work, and exposure to different environments that helps you to continuously become (even) better at benchmarking your solutions against the best practices in the market. A final fact to explicitly state is that this role, as well as all other roles in the team, is a hands-on first vacancy. All work with technology daily, because Oblivion feel this is the only way to make sure they always give the best possible advice.

The role is based in Denmark – Oblivion has offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. They do speak Danish – sometimes – but the role can easily be filled being English speaking only. As the Danish and Nordic offices are currently ramping up you will be an integrated part of building the new team and its culture.

What Oblivion have to offer

It would be a good time to check out and read up on why Oblivion think they are a great place to work. Specifically for this role they offer the following:

  • The chance to have genuine impact on the strategic cloud decisions for a wide range of interesting clients
  • High level of diversity in the projects you work on, ranging from data center migrations to implementing serverless solutions and optimizing existing AWS environments
  • Your ideal mix between strategy, architecture/design and hands-on work. You will have a strong influence on how these three components balance out in your typical work week
  • Work side by side with the best cloud consultants in the market, who have chosen the following core values: getting results, teamwork, innovation, integrity and a strong focus on quality
  • As an independently functioning member of the Xebia group, Oblivion can offer you the combination of the facilities, knowledge sharing and growth opportunities that belong with being part of a large organization and the close-knit family feeling that has helped them get to where they are today
  • You’ll be amongst extremely talented colleagues and have access to a personal training budget of €5k per year + 6 study days

Of course, the bullet points listed above are pretty generic. Recruit-IT together with Oblivion will gladly make time to talk about your personal situation and see if we can add some very specific benefits to the list.

About you

Oblivion's world revolves around AWS, so they are looking for colleagues who share their passion for this technology. When designing your solutions, you always put the client’s needs first and put their interests above your personal preferences. Based on your broad knowledge of software development in general and cloud computing in particular you are able to convince people of the viability of your ideas. Last but not least you are able to compress and summarize your advice and strip away the technical details when required to suit your audience/counterparts.

When reading profiles and throughout our selection process we pay close attention to the following:

  • How well do you fit together on a personal level? Not every great Cloud Professional is necessarily a good match for Oblivion’s culture, values and way of working. This means they try to gain insight into your work and thought processes and really want to get to know “the person behind the profile”
  • The strength of your knowledge about all facets of the AWS portfolio. We know you can’t be an expert on everything, but Oblivion do expect all members of the team to understand the basics of the entire spectrum
  • Your broader knowledge about adjacent domains, like software development, networking, security, automation tooling and agile processes
  • You have one or more AWS certifications


Oblivion is the most down to earth cloud consultancy, in the known universe. The mission is to guide their customers to become self-sufficient and innovative on a successful and effective cloud-journey.

Oblivion was born out of enthusiasm in 1998, when the three Dutch founders saw the many possibilities of cloud technology. And it was grown on good old Dutch pragmatism. Because the founders soon figured out that this was the only way to help clients integrate cloud solutions in a way that would give them the control and agility they need to stay ahead.

Oblivion believes that the more complex and multifaceted a business goal is, the more pragmatic and down to earth the implementation process has to be. The combination of dreaming big and working very pragmatically, made Oblivion the biggest cloud consultancy in the country.

Working for large scale international enterprises and start-ups, helping them achieve business ambitions like transforming towards a digital enterprise, realizing a new strategic customer engagement platform or reducing IT cost while growing in innovation. Especially now that the cloud has become more complex, offering more technologies and solutions than ever before, it’s important for your cloud consultant to be as concise, down to earth and understandable as possible.